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2022 Subscription rates and Conditions:
Full Member $495.00 $395.00 for new member. Full playing rights
Midweek Competitive $370.00 Mon-Fri. Not eligible for Club Trophies or Club Champs. For weekend play a green fee of $10 applies.  Includes NZGA affiliation & NZGA Handicap
9 Hole Member $310.00 May play no more than 9 holes per day. Includes NZGA affiliation & NZGA Handicap
Affiliated Social $350.00 Not eligible to play at times of Club Events and Competitions except Twilight Golf.  Includes NZGA affiliation & NZGA Handicap
Social  $245.00 Not eligible to play at times of Club Events and Competitions except Nine & Wine Social Golf. No NZGA Affiliation or NZGA Handicap.
Summer $295.00 Can play during daylight saving period only - last Sunday in September until first Sunday in April. Includes NZGA affiliation & NZGA Handicap.
Secondary $245.00 Must be an affiliated member of another NZ golf club which includes NZGA Affiliation and NZGA Handicap. Not eligible to play in Club Champs.
Associate $65.00 Entitled to two rounds per year, additional rounds a $10 green fee applies. 
No NZGA Affiliation or NZGA Handicap
Under 30 $350.00 30 years old or younger at start of club year. Full playing rights and eligibilty to Club Trophies and Club Champs. Includes NZGA affiliation & NZGA Handicap
Junior $100.00 Year 9 to age 20 at start of the club year.
Includes NZGA Handicap, NZGA affiliation fees are waived for Juniors.
School Child $60.00 School Child up to Year 8. Adult supervision required. No NZGA Handicap.