Playing Information

Competitions and how they are played:

These notes are only intended to assist in the general concept of how competitions are played. They must be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and in particular the Committee shall lay down conditions under which a competition is played.



The score at each hole is entered on the score card, totalled and the player’s full handicap deducted. The player who completes the stipulated round in the fewest nett strokes is the winner.



After entering the score on the card and applying handicap the result is marked as ‘+’ win, ‘o’ half, or ‘-‘ loss. At the end of the round the plus and minus signs are added and the nett result entered.



In a Stableford competition the player takes strokes at holes as in a Par competition using full handicap and scores points on the nett result at each hole. At the end of the round all points scored are added up and the player having the highest points is the winner. In scoring after allowing for handicaps a player who scores par receives 2 points, 1 over par 1 point, 1 under par 3 points, 2 under par 4 points and so on.



Two players play as partners each taking strokes at holes as in a par competition. If one of the partners wins a hole and the other halves it only the win is counted. If one halves the hole and the other loses it only the half is counted and so on.

+, o and – signs are added at the end of the round and recorded as in an ordinary par competition.

In a four ball handicap event care must be taken to mark the scores of each player in separate columns headed by the initials of the player.



Played in exactly the same manner as above except that the better ball of the partnership will be credited with points instead of plus, half etc.

Played in exactly the same manner as above except that the better ball of the partnership will be credited with points instead of plus, half etc.



Two players play as partners and use one ball. The partners strike off alternately from the tee and thereafter strike the ball alternately at each hole. Scoring is as in a stroke round and the Team’s handicap is half the combined individual handicaps. Note: If either player incurs a penalty stroke it does not alter the rotation of play.



Played as above except that both players play tee shots at every hole and afterwards continue with whichever ball they nominate. Handicap: half partners aggregate.



Both players play tee shots at each hole, then play a second stroke with the partner’s ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the owner of the ball playing the third stroke. Handicap: half partners aggregate.



Both players play two shots with their own balls, then one is chosen which is played alternately until the hole is completed. Handicap: half partners aggregate.



The score taken on each hole is entered on a card as in a stroke round. When a player has completed a number of strokes equal to par plus his handicap he will have finished the round. The first player to start will carry the flag and plant it on the spot where his ball lay at the end of his round. If the ball is in the rough the flag is planted at the side of the fairway not nearer the hole. If a subsequent player has not finished his round when he reaches the flag he carries it and replants at the end of his strokes. The winner is the player who carries the flag the longest distance from the first tee. This normally is beyond the 18th green, usually the 1st or 2nd hole.



Competitors play two or more rounds and the eclectic score is the lowest score obtained at each hole on the rounds. Competitions may extend over the whole season and the total score for the holes is subject to deduction of half the player’s handicap held on the last day of the competition.



Team stroke event, usually played by a team of four or more. Each player plays a tee shot at each hole. The captain then selects the best drive. The other members retrieve their balls and in turn drop within one club length of the selected position and play their second shots. This procedure of selecting the best position continues until a ball is holed. On the green the balls are placed on the selected spot.